Your Chance To Win an Academy Platinum Package

Uncategorized Jun 15, 2018
Are you a small business owner? Do you want to learn how to grow your business and get it to the level you’ve been envisioning? If so, our latest competition is for you! 
We’re giving you the chance to win our Fluid Business Academy Platinum Package which includes all modules within our academy! This will give you access to over 50 videos all designed to help you gain more free time, earn more money and get expert advice from our business coaches.
All you have to do to enter is send us 100 words on how you and your business would benefit from our Fluid Business Academy Platinum Package.  Please send entries to [email protected] 
Competition closes 29th June 2018.
  • Competition details form part of these terms and conditions
  • Entry is open to small business owners of the UK except employees (and their families) of Fluid Business Group, its printers and agents, the suppliers of the prizes and any other companies...
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Five Signs You Need Business Coaching

Uncategorized May 10, 2018

Have a read of our 'Five Signs You Need Business Coaching' below. Does any of this sound familiar? Running a business is a rollercoaster journey and it will have its ups and downs. At Fluid we’re experts in helping you strap in for the ride and make it as enjoyable as possible. It can be fun. We promise.

  1. Stress is okay in small amounts for short periods of time but it can have a serious impact if not dealt with and definitely doesn’t put you in a place to drive your business forward. The sense of not having enough time, money and energy can lead to feeling overwhelmed and ultimately more stressed.
  2. You’ve lost your mojo or you’ve got FOBFO
    You know what you need to do but it’s not getting done. There may be many reasons for this; you’re firefighting day to day issues, you don’t have the time & money, or maybe you’ve just lost the will do it. Perhaps you’re suffering from the ‘Fear Of Being Found Out’! It’s...
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The Fluid Business Podcast

Uncategorized Apr 26, 2018

Like to listen and learn? Make use of our podcast!

Recorded weekly at our coaching studios in Chelmsford, Essex, our team of professional business coaches share their expert knowledge and experience to help empower you, the business owner, to develop and grow your business the right way.

Click on the link below to listen to our podcasts

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Join Our Blog!

Uncategorized Apr 25, 2018

Join our Founder, Ray Moore, on his personal blog to get further insight into how to grow your business.

The blog is updated on a regular basis and is full of thought-provoking ideas as Ray shares his extensive knowledge.

Click the link below to join in.

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