Five Signs You Need Business Coaching

Uncategorized May 10, 2018

Have a read of our 'Five Signs You Need Business Coaching' below. Does any of this sound familiar? Running a business is a rollercoaster journey and it will have its ups and downs. At Fluid we’re experts in helping you strap in for the ride and make it as enjoyable as possible. It can be fun. We promise.

  1. Stress is okay in small amounts for short periods of time but it can have a serious impact if not dealt with and definitely doesn’t put you in a place to drive your business forward. The sense of not having enough time, money and energy can lead to feeling overwhelmed and ultimately more stressed.
  2. You’ve lost your mojo or you’ve got FOBFO
    You know what you need to do but it’s not getting done. There may be many reasons for this; you’re firefighting day to day issues, you don’t have the time & money, or maybe you’ve just lost the will do it. Perhaps you’re suffering from the ‘Fear Of Being Found Out’! It’s more common than you might think. As the business owner you need to be in control, know everything and only you can do it the best…. Right? Well what if there was another way?
  3. Your team aren’t stepping up
    There are many teams in an enterprise, not just those who are right in front of you everyday. To get into a position where you can work on your business you’ll need to get every member of your team aligned to your end goal. Do you have the right people? Or those who make you feel safe and comfortable but maybe lacking the skills your business really needs as you grow
  4. You’ve got a gut feel that things could be a lot better
    But you’re not sure how or where to start making the improvements. We can help you regain your trust in yourself and highlight where focus needs to be put
  5. Once bitten twice shy?
    Remember when you started your business your original goals and dreams? You might feel like they’ve disappeared forever if it feels like one step forward and two back. Perhaps you’ve experienced a level of growth previously only to have drifted back to your (un)comfort zone. You keep seeing big opportunities and want to take them but don’t feel up to it or know if it’s the right thing to do

What was your experience? When did you realise that getting some help can set you off on a whole new path?


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