About Fluid Business

World-Class Experts in Business Growth

Our team are passionate about getting you to understand how to grow your business in order to regain balance. It’s our aim to make you wealthier in money, time and knowledge so that you can succeed and meet your goals

The Levels Foundation Programme was developed in-house and is based on our real life business ownership experience & coaching careers - it’s not an academic theory or another ‘quick fix’. You’ll need to be willing to challenge how you think about things in order to change your business.

Grow your mind to grow your business
We think you already know the ‘how’, but you’ll reach your goals quicker if you’re willing to think about it differently.

The next best thing to 1-2-1 coaching
1-2-1 coaching can be a fantastic experience but it might not be right for you at this stage of your business journey. The Levels Foundation Courses are a cost effective, efficient solution for you to build a solid platform to grow and develop your business at your own pace

With over 100 years of collective experience our Award Winning Coaches will walk you through every stage of growing your business, step-by-step.

You’re in good hands.

Meet Our Team

Andy Sleet

With 25 years of experience, Andy’s passion lies in seeing people develop. He truly believes that everyone has a place they can grow into to reach their full potential. Andy specialises in growing businesses to operate without the owner and preparing businesses for sale

Peter Boolkah

With over 20 years of experience, Peter is a Business Transition Coach whose main passion in life is working with talented and high performing business owners who are in the process of creating exciting, high growth businesses

Ray Moore

Founder, managing coach and creator of the Levels business growth model. Ray laid solid the foundations we're built on.

Tried and Tested

At Fluid Business Academy, we empower successful business owners to break through the barriers that prevent them from achieving outstanding results.

We give SME business owners the confidence and understanding they need to excel. That's why we've taken our proven and comprehensive programmes and transformed them into a series of e-learning courses for business owners.

Over the last 14 years, our parent company Fluid Business Coaching discovered that many successful businesses, both large and small, have not unlocked the commercial potential of their people and therefore the true value of the business.

At Fluid Business Academy, we're sharing the secrets and tools that our business coaches have learnt and developed over their careers. We pride ourselves in breaking down jargon and complex principles. Every one of our e-learning courses is easy to understand and will challenge the way you think about business.


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