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Here we have answered the questions we are asked the most. 

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1. What is the difference between Foundations Online and the free videos and courses I can get online? 

Its true there is an ocean of free videos, programmes, trainings webinars out there but where do you start? How do you know that you are watching/learning the right stuff to grow your business? How do you know you are not wasting your time rather than investing it? Too much information can be a dangerous thing and you risk never really succeeding at anything because you never really went deep enough.

Foundations online is about building a solid foundation for your business, even if you have been in business a while sometimes the fundamentals can be out of place. By focusing on and implementing the fundamentals you will build your business on a secure framework, then choose the right 'stuff' to watch/learn and master at the right time for you and your business.   

Think of it like scaffolding, a tried and tested tool used to assist the construction industry, providing a strong, stable platform, ensuring safety even at great heights. It also allows ample space and support for a team and tools working in the same area. 

Foundations online will help you to build a ‘scaffold’ around your business that allows you to sustainably grow your business to any height

2. Why can't I get all the videos at once?

Because each week you are set a task to do in your business. You'll need time to implement the task and chart its progress. Then the following week you will get another task to implement. We want you to build growth sustainably, so you are given a new video and  task each week 

3. When do I get the my Levels Assessment?

You will get your assessment at when you hit the halfway point of your programme. 

4. What if I have already done the assessment? 

That's great! You will be able to take the levels assessment again at the end of your programme to see how much you and your business have grown. 

5. Can I upgrade my programme?

Yes! At any time you can buy the upgrade from starter to standard and standard to advanced. Simply visit the store to upgrade. 

6. Can I get the book in another format? 

Yes! Both of our books are available as an audio book or for a kindle. You will receive an email where you can choose the format. 

7. I would like to sell Foundations Online to my customers, Is that possible? 

Yes! We do have resale options available. Email [email protected]  or call us on 01245 423377.

8. How can I get additional help to grow my business?

If you feel that would need more support to grow your business click here to schedule a call with a coach.

9. I can't access my programme, what should I do? 

Email [email protected] who will take care of it for you.


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