A good value starting point for your business growth journey

Accelerate your business with this powerful online course which teaches you the basics of building a balanced business.

In the first instalment of the Levels Foundations we introduce you to the basic building blocks of a business without the technical jargon.  Short, to the point videos give you what you need to know in an easy to understand, down to earth way.

You will cover: 

Week 1: Introduction - Welcome to the Levels

Week 2: Clarity - Do you have a destination? 

Week 3: Delivery and Execution consistency - Do you customers know what to expect? 

Week 4: Financials - Understand the language of business

Week 5: Ideal Clients - Who are your ideal clients and what do they want?

Week 6: Marketing - Communicate and educate your ideal client.

Week 7: Marketing - Getting a ROI from your marketing spend.

Week 8: Sales - What kind of a Sales person are you?

Week 9: Planning - Working through the Levels 12 month plan

Week 10: Implementing the plan - What will stop you from delivering the plan?

Week 11: Time - How are you spending your time? 

Week 12: Time - How to plan out your time

Week 13:  Mindset of an Owner - What is the role of a business owner? 

Get clarity over what your business should look like and why it is important to you.  This will not be a theoretical based course, you will use your business as case study and each week you will be given challenges and tasks for your business. 


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