Our best value, most comprehensive package - all you need to grow your business to new heights

The Levels course platinum package covers each topic in further depth and breadth. You will cover:

  • Identifying your business’ destination
  • The business drivers – time, team, money and delivery
  • Setting out the stall – what every business needs to put in place before growth can happen
  • Developing the business owner mindset
  • Identify the symptoms of an out of balance business
  • Delivery consistency – achieving your perceived promise and appropriate attitude.
  • Financials – including Profit & Loss, increasing average spend, transactions and margin.
  • Identifying your ideal clients – who and where are they?
  • How to generate more leads
  • Marketing – Referral strategy, measure and test,
  •  How others learn and how to communicate to them more effectively 
  • What makes you unique to a customer

Your business coach will explain business models and theory in a way that makes it easy to apply to your business. You'll be able to put this business theory into practice and start making changes to your business in preparation for growth.


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